Say It, Play It! Voice Control.

Greetings to all from New Zealand!

This article, is more of an introduction to what will hopefully be a number of much more detailed articles on my particular approach to gaming. As a high-level quadriplegic, I have the use of my head and shoulders.

Like many others with my particular disability, my control device is a Headmaster Plus, this gives me excellent mouse control. A puff switch gives me a standard one button mouse click.

Most of the sections on this website deal with gaming from the aspect of using the excellent KeyStrokes or one of its companion programs for providing the necessary key input that various games require in order to be played.

It is at this point, that I approach gaming in a completely different way. I use a program called Voice Commander.

Quite simply, it maps key commands to voice. Thus, instead of having some type of on-screen keyboard in the game and pushing or clicking on the appropriate key, I simply say a word and the corresponding key is pressed.

Some advantages of this type of approach :

  • A huge increase in the amount of games that can be played successfully.
  • A more fully immersive and authentic gaming experience.
  • No need for changes to the made to various game parameters to accommodate on-screen keyboards.

Some disadvantages of this type of approach:

  • The unfortunate exclusion of disabled gamers, who have speech impediments.

To conclude, I have been using this technology for some years now and have had outstanding success. There have been very few game titles that I have not been able to play. I have not been limited to any one genre, whether it be a keyboard intensive first person shooter, a point and click role-playing type game, a simulation of flight or driving, or just a casual type game. Voice control in conjunction with Headmaster Plus mouse control has made the world of gaming very accessible to me.

I look forward to being able to share the knowledge that I have gained with others here, and hope that it may open up the exciting and fun experience that computer gaming has to offer.

David O’Connor